As we have done for several years, the Villages Spartans once again had the pleasure of awarding four educational grants to staff at Wildwood Middle High School.  The purpose of these grants is to enhance the classroom experience in grades 6-8 and to encourage greater student achievement.

A very large THANK YOU goes out from The Board to all of you who contributed to the Grant Fund through individual contributions, by participating in the 50/50 drawings at our various events, and supporting our Annual MSU Picnic Auction.  An additional THANK YOU is extended to Wildwood Middle High School Principal, Allan Hisey, and all the staff members who submitted grant applications.

   Let me introduce the four winners for 2022-23 to you:

      1. Shannon Alsendrelli  Shannon is the AVID Coordinator for grade 6 and 7.  She will use the grant to purchase two rolling boards and accompanying dry erasers that will be used each day by the students for classroom presentations.
      2. Sarah Olsen  Sarah teaches Art for grades 6-8. Her grant money will be used to purchase a wide variety of art supplies, such as crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, glue, watercolors, watercolor paper, etc.
      3. Evelyn Welch  Evelyn teaches in a self-contained classroom for Exceptional Student Education (ESE). She will be purchasing multiple curricular resources that are age and achievement level appropriate for her students.
      4. Jennifer Williams  Jennifer is a Language Arts teacher in grade 6. She will be purchasing a variety of reading materials for individual student reading enjoyment, as well as a complete classroom novel set.

There is a gallery of photos. Click the > if the photos don’t advance.

A few more photos of students at Wildwood Middle High School

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