Our monthly activities at recreation centers have had a “time creep” over the past months, as people come earlier and earlier, and we try to be accommodating.  The time creep has reached the “line” and we must take a step back.

Most of you know, we rent the rooms by the hour.  We have reached the point where we were almost charged extra for the early show time for the chili supper.  We got off with a warning…but were told the next time it will result in an extra charge…

Built into our time is a set up for the activity committee only to prepare the room for the event.  

Starting with the annual meeting we are going to ask you to PLEASE respect the starting time.  We are going to have to enforce “doors open at…..” and ask you to plan your arrival at the recreation center for the time we will open the door, which will be the stated time.

Many thanks for your cooperation!

MSU Activity Committee




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