Dear Fellow Spartans,

We all remember with fondness our days along the Red Cedar, Jenison Field house, Spartan Stadium and even the library!  We will continue to support our alma mater in many different ways.

Many of us donate to the annual fund each year to show appreciation for the education we received at this wonderful place.  Some local members are in a position to endow a scholarship and are proud of this accomplishment.

Your board has come up with an idea that will benefit both the university and our local members.  We would like to provide a listing of local members with endowed scholarships.  Then perhaps when members do their annual donation, they could earmark for a fellow local Spartan’s scholarship fund.  Please know this will not be a solicitation for funds but rather a source of information posted on our website.

For example, the Keith and Beth Hicks Scholarship Fund in the School of Education is for a sophomore or above with preference given to out of state residents.

Do you have an endowed scholarship?  Would you like to be included in this list?  Please email Barb Coulter at  with the name of your endowed scholarship and a sentence or two description of the criteria.

  • Keith and Beth Hicks Scholarship fund in the School of Education is designated for a sophomore or above with preference given to an out of state student.
  • Gwen Callahan and Howard Hickey have two new scholarships per year for juniors who are first generation students.
  • Veena Gossain Memorial scholarship The College of Human Medicine in the memory of  Veena Gossain M.D., Swartz Professor of Medicine.
  • Karen and Steve Strock: The Carol and Lowell Spike scholarship is funded through the 4-H Foundation. It is awarded to former 4-H members who wish to study agriculture or nursing. Primary consideration is given to Washtenaw, Hillsdale, and Oakland counties.
  • The Anita J. Giampalmi Endowed Scholarship  Each year 2 scholarships are awarded – one to a graduate of Midland High School who will be attending MSU, and one to an MSU student who has Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Rich and Pam Merritt have the Merritt Endowed Graduate Fellowship in the Department of Entomology for Aquatic and Forensic Entomology. This is given to graduate students on an annual basis.
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