Fall 2021

Calling all Spartans who would like to participate in our next round of dinner groups of six. Covid is still lurking, and we don’t know what the situation will be this fall, but we’re hoping to resume these times of fellowship; those of you choosing to dine out may want to go where outside seating is offered. Those in restaurant groups take turns choosing the restaurant and making the arrangements. There are also in-the-home groups, and these are potlucks with the host/hosts providing the entrée. The home groups are also BYOB. The question has already been asked about members in home groups being vaccinated, so please be aware of this concern. One further note: this is not a couples activity, singles are most welcome. 

If you are new to this activity, feel free to call me and I’ll explain further.  All groups will start in September and run through December, so you can start signing up any time now. You will need to say whether you want a home or restaurant group, and I will need your phone number and your email address. THE CUT-OFF FOR SIGN-UP IS SEPTEMBER 4TH. I’ll send out the groupings to you right after that so you can get started.  


If you email, be sure to include your phone number and email address, and state whether you want a restaurant or home group.





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