College Colors Day    pastedGraphic.png

                                          Final Report

Well, I finally dried out from the horrific rains we had last Friday.It was a roller coaster day. We arrived about 3 PM with the sun shine,  fluffy clouds and full of great expectations. 

Then came the wind gust almost blowing our tents away!

Then came the rain sprinkles! 

Then came the lightening!

Then came the pouring, non-stop monsoon!

Then came the early cancellation announcement from Scouter the DJ!

But… then came the Spartan football game watch at dockside and the world was right again!

So we had a dismal turnout for our tailgate although it was reported to me that we had more people then anyone else there. However, we had a very big bright spot. We took 4th place in the fund raising for the food banks. Our donation amount was $ 3,753. This was an 80% increase over 2022.

For that reason we ended the roller coaster day in fine fashion!

Thank you all so much for that success and for putting up with me these last few months.


Gary Turnbull     

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