plates for dinner

It's that time again when we reorganize our dine in and dine out groups. There will be a sign-up table at the annual meeting on January 9th. If you are unable to attend that night but want to participate, send an email to Barb Coulter at TCBarb10@aol.com or call her at 751-7311. For you first timers, we set up groups of 6 - 8 people to self manage their dining preferences. If you are in a group which meets in the home, those are potluck.The next round of dinners will run January through April. 

Some think it's a nice way to have quiet conversation without the anxiety of the game watches.

Barb emailed lists to participants involved in the winter groups.

Jan.21, 2014 dinner group

Dinner group photo October 2013

The Fall Dinner Group has resumed:Nancy McHugh, Bonnie Pennington, Judy Honhart, Anita Lawton, Gale Arent,   Jim Honhart and Dave McHugh dining at Glenview CC.

                                          The Villages Area MSU Alumni Club 2014